The balance and worth of a financial plan is in part a function of the personalized process used in assembly. The products behind the plan are many and each is looked at as a tool used to solve a particular problem.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance comes in many different forms, each with its own contractual benefits and features. Term insurance may be a solution for short term problem such as to cover loans, mortgages, and other problems which have an end date. Longer term problems often never go away, and as such require a permanent product like Whole Life, 20 pay life, Universal life or even a term to 100 product. An in-depth “discovery” conversation often helps determine the best product, or combination of products to best fill the need.

Disability Insurance

Otherwise known as income replacement coverage is a product which is used to help maintain a person’s income while disabled. Every contract in this category can be different based on the occupation, income and health of the individual. A contract can be as specific as an “own Occupation” where a benefit is paid based on a physical inability even if there is no loss of income. For other policies, a definition would create a payment only if income is actually lost. The choice is different between business owners, professionals, Physicians and brick layers.

Critical Illness Insurance

Sometimes a major health issue creates a need for an unrestricted lump sum of tax free cash paid directly to the life insured. Critical Illness is a product which does just that. A Lump sum payment can be used following the diagnosis of any one of 27 covered illnesses. Most often associated to Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer, a Critical Illness can also refer to MS, Blindness, Parkinson’s, Major Burn, Alzheimer’s, and many other illnesses. Critical Illness is unique in that a client can own the produce, be protected for years, and then receive 100% of their payments back if a claim is not made within a specific period. This is referred to as a “Return of Premium Benefit” often found as an option to some plans.

Long Term Care Insurance

People of any age can find themselves in a position where their health fails due to an injury or sickness. If the result is an inability to perform 2 of the 6 daily living actives, then a benefit is paid from a Long Term Care policy. Dollars can be used to cover Care in your home, or Care in a facility. Contracts are flexible enough to provide the coverage needed to give you proper care, and to protect your family’s assets at the same time.

Guaranteed Life Insurance Option/Benefit

This is a feature generally for children which can be added to a life insurance policy. The benefit behind this feature is to provide a guaranteed future option to protect the insurability for that child. Since our children grow up and enter many different financial obligations, providing them with an opportunity to purchase coverage when they need it in the future is a true gift. In other words, we can borrow a child’s good health status today, to qualify them for coverage to be purchased in the future.